A1 Outdoor Africa is a leader in outdoor advertising with operations in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Gabon.

Founded in 1990, A1 Outdoor Africa provides effective outdoor media and advertising solutions, which maximise brand presence and increase sales in a significant way using a network of over 30,000 versatile advertising spaces and opportunities. Some of their product portfolio includes: billboards, trivisions, LED displays, citilites, wall signs, rooftop signs and street furniture displays, amongst many other market mediums.

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Integrated Communications Limited is a dynamic experiential marketing agency. They specialise in creating unique marketing experiences – from concept to execution – using cutting edge and traditional media channels to create engrossing brand and product experiences that influence purchase behavior in a meaningful way. ICL offers solution driven services in: Brand Activation, Social Marketing, Event Management, Youth Marketing, Retail Sales, Mobile Marketing and Public Relations.

Established in 2003, Intergrated Communications Limited operates primarily within Tanzania and Kenya, with the capacity to run campaigns in both rural and urban areas and the scope to offer services to clients with a larger presence in the African continent. ICL employs over 250 people, all with the relevant experience and qualifications required to guarantee our clients an international standard of service and understand a variety of client’s needs and deliver international standards while remaining relevant in local markets.

ICL employs over 250 people, all with the relevant experience and qualifications to enable them to deliver international standards of service and understand complex client needs, all while remaining relevant in these local markets.

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ZEK Group operates on multiple levels of the real estate industry including residential and/or commercial real estate, as well as property development.


Founded in 2009 Gemini Tours seeks to provide tours and safaris to the general market both locally and internationally. Gemini Tours and safaris Company is a leading brand in the tourism circles in the greater East Africa region.

There is so much more to discover with Gemini Tours and Safaris; Whether you are looking for game Safaris, beach holidays and mountain climbing in Tanzania, Luxurious car rentals, Tanzania Insider access, incentive travels, special interest groups, organizers of conferences and meetings, third party brand protection, Gemini is a one stop shop for all your Safari needs.

Determined by advanced vision, professional approach and a deep commitment to our customers, our company sparks many passions. Travel wise and experience the world with us because we are the driving forces who are not afraid to think on a different niche.

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